Conference on Several Complex Variables

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First Announcement

First Announcement

Jagiellonian University and Mathematical Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences, under auspices of the Banach Center, organize the “Conference on several complex variables” in honour of Józef Siciak on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
It will take place in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków; July 4-8, 2011.

Scientific committee:

S. Janeczko (Institute of Mathematics PAN)
M. Jarnicki (Jagiellonian University)
Ch. Kiselman (Uppsala University)
P. Pflug (Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg)
W. Pleśniak (Jagiellonian University)
B. A. Taylor (University of Michigan)
P. Tworzewski (Jagiellonian University)

List of confirmed speakers:

B. Berndtsson (Chalmers University)
T. Bloom (University of Toronto)
L. Bos (University of Calgary)
J.-P. Calvi (University of Toulouse)
U. Cegrell (Umea University)
P. Dolbeault (Paris VI)
F. Forstneric (University of Ljubljana)
J. Globevnik (University of Ljubljana)
N. Levenberg (Indiana University)
T. Ohsawa (Nagoya University)
E. A. Poletsky (Syracuse University)
A. Sadullaev (National University of Uzbekistan)
N. Sibony (University of Paris Sud)
N. Shcherbina (University of Wuppertal)
L. Zalcman (Bar Ilan University)
V. Zahariuta (Sabanci University)
A. Zeriahi (University of Toulouse)

For other participants there is also a possibility of delivering a 30 min. talks.
The meeting will focus on pluripotential theory, complex Monge-Ampere operator, approximation theory, holomorphically invariant functions. We plan to publish the
proceedings of the conference in a special issue of Annales Polonici Mathematici.
registration fee (including excursion, banquet, lunches, coffee breaks): EUR 150 (600 PLN for Polish participants). The organizers wish to cover this fee and accommodation in university dormitory for graduate students and young researchers (upon request). It will depend on the funding we applied for. The deadline for the payment is May 31, 2011.

The updated information and the registration form can be found on the web page:

Organizing Committee:

Zbigniew Błocki,
Armen Edigarian,
Sławomir Kołodziej,
Włodzimierz Zwonek,
Paweł Zapałowski

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